Good Old Days

ooh, Swedish dandies — HOW DO I GET ONE AND WHERE DO I SIGN? Kristian rocking that pimp cane with his 6’2″ stature is literally making me cry & shake at the same time, HE LOOKS AMAZING! and I dare not leave out darling Viggo, as my love for him is unconditional 😉 aside from the “usual suspects”, I only managed to ID one other model with a full name, since I am unsure about who’s at fault for the unlawful miscrediting of the other models featured (but I will post their names as shown in the last photo). if you know who the rest are, WITH A CORRECT FULL NAME, please let me know!

DV MAN — FALL 2009
photographer: Carl Bengtsson
stylist: Ursula Wangander
MODELS: Charlie Westerberg; Kristian Akergren; Theo Storesund; Viggo Jonasson
Ivan & Simon @ Stockholmsgruppen
Jonathan @ MIKAs
Mattias, Petter, & Per @ Synk Casting